The best ingredients for your dog's skin and fur

Pet grooming starts with clean ingredients for healthy skin and a radiant coat. Many of our faithful friends find commercial shampoos, sprays, and soaps are anything but kind and gentle on sensitive skin. From allergies to breed-specific grooming requirements, "just okay" doesn't cut it for our furbabies.

A day at the spa starts at home with luxurious ingredients that nourish and protect while keeping your dog feeling and looking their best. Holistic canine health is good for the Earth and your fur-family. From our loyal canines to yours, check out what's in our secret formula and how each hand-selected, revitalizing ingredient benefits your pet's health and wellness.

Soothing Roman Chamomile 

Chamomile is one of the oldest tried and true natural remedies for a variety of ailments. Not only is this herb great for tea; it's also an excellent supplement for our furry friends. Best of all, chamomile is canine safe, gentle, and non-irritating.

Chamomile is one of the best clean ingredients for pet grooming. When it comes to allergies in dogs, ailments rarely occur in isolation. Dogs who suffer from skin allergies are typically affected by seasonal allergens, food allergies, and flea rash as well. Heightened sensitivity can leave your pup itching and scratching. Luckily for extra sensitive canines, chamomile helps alleviate a broad range of symptoms and acts as a powerful supertonic.

Just as a warm mug of chamomile tea can help settle human stomachs, chamomile infused balms deliver reliable antispasmodic, carminative, and mild sedative effects to canine digestive systems. This helps calm upset tummies and manage food allergies in dogs. The naturally soothing properties are also great for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety and overexcited pups whose stomachs may pay the price of too much jumping around and scarfing down treats.

Chamomile is also highly effective in treating skin and eye allergies. This powerful supplement is a must for springtime allergens! Chamomile naturally relieves itchy, inflamed skin, including flea bites, contact allergies, or minor bacterial or fungal infections (yes, even cracked paws and noses). The best therapeutic pet shampoos are as gentle as they are effective for our furbabies.

Cedarwood Oil for Fabulous Fur

Instagram beauty gurus have nothing on your pup's radiance and shine. The secret to a perfect coat? A little drop of cedarwood oil. Why not make your pet's coat fabulous with one of the best clean ingredients?

Homeopathic wellness is key, especially for breeds that suffer from dried-out skin and fur. Cedarwood is one of the top essential oils for a healthy scalp and lustrous hair. In canine terms, this means a silky, soft coat that stays fresh smelling even after a day at the dog park. The anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritations and strengthen protein-rich hair follicles.

Plus, cedarwood is a natural flea and tick repellent for those long summer months- so of course, you will want to use it for pet grooming!

Restorative Helichrysum

A staple of many holistic first aid kits for people and pets, helichrysum is a must when it comes to an essential dog grooming routine. This incredible herb has a unique regenerative effect in restoring skin cells, revitalizing dead and dull fur, and even healing the occasional scrape and bruise. Adventurous dogs are sure to experience a few bumps in the road.

Cracked paws are a common ailment when hiking the hills and roaming the dog parks. Helichrysum is excellent in preventing infection and speeding up healing so you and your companion can get back outside.

Love-You-Lots Lavender

Everyone loves a relaxing bubble bath! Now your best furry friend can enjoy a little aromatherapy without the mess.

Lavender creates a calming mist that washes away stress, anxiety, and tension. This soothing botanical blend is perfect for dogs who need some extra TLC. In addition to helping our canine companions relax, lavender is an excellent dry skin solution and can leave those cracked paws and noses feeling fresh and new. The richly scented, luxury infused formula restores new skin cells while scrubbing off the old. 

This ingredient is perfect for a monthly DIY spa day or an everyday muddy paw wipe down. So make sure to include lavender on your next pet grooming day! 

Dog in bathtub with happy owner, pet grooming concept

Exotic, Nourishing Myrrh

From the desert to the cabinet, myrrh is a unique supplement with many canine health benefits. Many pet parents have only heard of this fabulous product around Christmas time. The holidays aren't the only place for myrrh! In fact, many ancient civilizations used this essential oil for treating wounds, as a DIY hair serum, and even for its aromatherapy properties.

When it comes to canine health and wellness, myrrh is great for restoring shine to your dog's coat. The natural anti-bacterial properties of myrrh offer a gentler alternative to commercial soaps and pet shampoos that often use harsh chemicals to deep clean your dog's fur and skin. Myrrh can combat fungus, ward off fleas, and protect minor cuts and scrapes from infection.

Some studies indicate that myrrh may even kill common parasites such as dust mites in dogs. It's been known to heal sores as well as keep your dog smelling amazing -- even after rolling around in the backyard! This means less itchy skin for your pup and more close-up snuggles for you and your best friend.

The Floral Essence of Calendula

Even the toughest, most adventurous dogs deserve to feel like a princess every now and then. Natural floral essence makes bath time into a resort-style pampering session. 

Calendula oil is a gentle moisturizer, especially effective for chapped, wind damaged skin. This product is a must for dogs who spend a lot of time outside running, swimming, and exploring. The natural healing powers of calendula flowers have long been used in ointments, salves, and tinctures. By blending this rich floral compound into our no-mess grooming line, pet parents can skip the hassle of applying greasy lotion to a squirmy pup.

Calendula is also a natural immune system booster that's proven effective in canines as well as humans. It can be used to treat eczema, poison ivy, heat rash. Breeds such as golden retrievers that commonly suffer from sunburn on their noses and paws will find calendula is highly effective as a holistic sunscreen.

More Pet Grooming Tips!

At Loyal Canine Co., we believe the simple things in life are often the best. From tail wags and sunsets to bath days with gentle, treat-your-pup ingredients, celebrating the small moments are the best parts of any day. 

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