Protecting your dog on Halloween

Halloween is coming, are you and your dog ready?

Whether you’re going out or staying in, Halloween can be an exciting night for you and your pup, but there are a few considerations to ensure the night is a good time for all.


My mouth has been watering since we started seeing the Halloween candy on store shelves in the middle of September. You and your dog both know there’s going to be candy everywhere. If you’re out for a walk, trick-or-treating, or handing out candy, it’s important to keep a close eye on your dog to make sure they’re not snacking on anything they shouldn’t. Wrappers, candies, and chocolate among other Halloween treats can be poisonous for your pup. I can think of a few ways to ruin a Halloween night and a poisoned pooch would definitely be one of them. Poisoning from chocolate can cause flu symptoms like vomiting, and in more severe cases can cause seizures. If your dog does eat something that they shouldn’t, monitor their condition, and consult a vet if they show any concerning signs. Don’t want your dog feeling left out when you’re snacking on tasty treats? Get them a tasty dog-friendly Halloween biscuit.



On October 31st, between the hours of 6 and 9pm the streets will be flooded with spooky ghosts, scary clowns, and the occasional witty kid with a bunch of Smarties boxes taped to his pants. This can be a joy for a dog who loves people, but if your dog gets nervous or isn’t well-trained for these kinds of situations, you may want to consider leaving them in for the night. If you do go out, it’s always a good idea to keep them on leash. There will be lots of stuff for them to chase, and you don’t want to mistake someone in an all-too-convincing canine costume for your dog, or have your pup run off and get lost in the crowd. 

If you’re staying in and handing out candy, you’re dog surely wants to show off his cool costume and come to the door with you. Just remember, as surprising as it sounds, some people don’t love dogs, and they may not be comfortable with your pup no matter how cute they are. These people are crazy, but we still have to give them candy. Our solution: just save the better treats for the dog lovers.


If you’re like us, you’re probably dressing your dog up for the Halloween celebrations. This year Frank’s going to be embracing his inner Jedi and dressing as Yoda. A costume may be cool, but you also want to make sure it’s comfortable for your dog. Make sure the costume you and your pup choose isn’t too small or tight, you don’t want it to restrict your dog’s movements or breathing. Also, depending on the weather this Halloween, make sure your dog isn’t getting too hot in their costume. Our advice, keep an eye on your dog, make sure they’re getting lots of water as usual, and don’t leave them in costume for too long.

Is your dog dressing up for Halloween? Comment below and tell us what they’re going to be. Got a picture of your dog in costume? Post it on Instagram and tag us @LoyalCanineCo. We’d love to see it!

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