The New Puppy Survival Guide - Four Tips

The New Puppy Survival Guide - Four Tips

Good morning! This one will be a short one so you can go off and enjoy your day. Now that you know the don'ts, let's go over four of our favorite tips for new puppy living.


1. Give your puppy plenty of exercise

A tired dog is an obedient dog! When working on obedience training make sure you have gone for a nice long walk beforehand. This helps immensely with keeping your pup focused. If they're too full of beans, they'll be jumping all over the place, leaving you frustrated and your pup confused!


2. Crate train your puppy

The crate becomes your puppy's safe place... where they sleep, eat, relax, and live while you're not able to watch him. Leave the radio on when you go out and give them a chew toy or Kong so they have something to do while you are away. The crate should be a happy place for your puppy to be.

Your pup may take a day or even a week to get used to being in their crate. It can be tough, but stay strong. Don't give them any attention while they're in their spot and they'll learn to be comfortable on their own soon enough. Feeding them in their crate often speeds up this process as they associate their crate with their tasty dinners!


3. Travel safely in the car

Use a traveling crate or dog harness seat beat. Sit your puppy in the car for a few minutes at a time. Drive around the block and then eventually take longer trips. Acclimatize your pup to the car travel incrementally to allow them to enjoy the ride and avoid carsickness.


4. Dog parks are not a good idea

Most people don't like to hear this one, but it's true. Instead, spend the time walking. You both get exercise that way. It also gives you a chance to work with your puppy and bond. It may be hard to believe, but your dog would much rather spend time with you instead of running around aimlessly with other dogs while you have your back to them on your phone or talking to someone.

When bringing a young dog into a dog park, they may be dominated by other dogs which can cause behavioral problems later on. Does your dog go crazy every time they see another dog? That could be because they associate every dog with the dog park and think it's time to play! Dog parks are also "at your own risk" and we've watched many clueless owners bring an aggressive dog into the park and injury another dog.


Things to Remember:

  • Never allow your puppy to do anything as a puppy that you don't want them to do as an adult.
  • There are no safety standards for pet products!
  • Enjoy your puppy. Be firm, fun, and fair!


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