The New Puppy Survival Guide - The Don'ts (Part 2)

The New Puppy Survival Guide - The Don'ts (Part 2)

Today we'll be wrapping up the "don'ts" portion of the new puppy survival guide.

Some of these things may be obvious to you, but we'll go over them anyway just in case. I always recommend memorizing all the "don'ts" and sharing them with everyone who will be around your pup. Even without obedience training, following this guide can leave you with a really well behaved pup.


Don't hit your puppy with your hand or a rolled up newspaper

I wish I didn't have to bring this up, but there's people out there who do it (if that's you, get off my blog and go give your dog to someone better than you). This will destroy the bond between you and your puppy, break his spirit, and create hand shyness. This is often why you find these characteristics in rescues.


Don't use the create as punishment

Dogs don't comprehend time outs. The create needs to be their safe place. Use the crate to prevent  chewing or other negative behaviors, not become the punishment for a bad behavior.


Never pin your puppy down

Trying to dominate your puppy can cause aggressiveness or total submission and fear. Some people believe this is effective, but I want my dog to respect me, not fear me.


Never play fight with your puppy

Fighting can cause your puppy to try to initiate these games with other people like children or elderly people and can become extremely dangerous, especially as the dog becomes full grown.


Do not allow your puppy to jump up on people

You might find this cute at first, but it will quickly become dangerous and even if your dog is small, they too can do some serious damage by scratching or startling someone. Jumping and scratching can be a serious problem if the person is elderly, a child, or diabetic.


Things to Remember

  • Never allow your puppy to do anything as a puppy that you don't want them to do as an adult. 
  • There are no safety standards for pet products!
  • Enjoy your puppy. Be firm, fun, and fair!

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