West Coast Heeler Pack takes our dog paw balm for a test-drive

West Coast Heeler Pack takes our dog paw balm for a test-drive

Product: Loyal Canine Co Paw Balm

Price: $19

Function/Purpose: When the pads crack it becomes sensitive and even sore. The trails we hit can be anything from gravel, dirt, grass, pavement, chips, you name it, and this Pawmade protects our paws from all the wear we put on them. Pawmade creates a barrier between the paws and the ground.

Fit: Small container to fit in your backpack, pocket or purse.

Quality: Designed and made in Canada.

Features: Small, sleek container. No gross odor. Natural ingredients. 

Likes: I like the Pawmade has no yucky smell. The smell it does have is light and nice. Dogs like it, which made it easy for me to apply. They didn't try and lick it off after application. In past years the dogs have had ripped pads after the first bike of the summer. Now that I've been apply Pawmade there were no ripped pads on our first bike to the river this year. 

Note: Apply Pawmade to the ankle pad as well. Cali somehow tore that pad. I've been applying Loyal Canine Co First Aid Healing Ointment. After only a few days I saw a rapid healing process. 

Dislikes: Have nothing about the product I dislike. There have been no negative reactions from using this product in our personal experience. 

Rating: 5 out of 5


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