The Loyal Canine Co. Story

February 02, 2016

The Loyal Canine Co. Story

It all started with a man and his loyal canine...

After discovering that bulldogs (just like his Frankie) tend to have chronic dry nose problems, Allan Glanfield was inspired to create a new line of healing balms and grooming products for dogs. It would combine a dog’s need for an effective product with an exciting brand experience for the dog owner. Proper dog care requires consistency. If the product resonates with the owner, the pup is more likely to benefit.

This curated collection includes a nose moisturizerpaw protector, and general first aid ointment, as well as soap on a rope, coat conditioner, and fur freshener, carefully formulated using all-natural ingredients.

But he did not stop there...

Tired of the wild array of prints, and distinct lack of quality found with most dog products, Glanfield also designed well-made leather accessories to complement his own taste and style. Taking inspiration from the worlds of fashion, grooming, and vintage racing, Loyal Canine Company brings a new perspective to the pet industry.

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