Hunter's Paws

February 11, 2016

Hunter's Paws

Name: Hunter

Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer

Character: High energy, stubborn, loving family dog

Problem: Medium level paw damage. Unable to walk without displaying discomfort and pain.

Solution: First Aid Ointment + No1. Pawmade.

Due to the level of soreness and discomfort Hunter was showing, a combination of first aid ointment and paw ointment was used to speed up the healing process. The first aid ointment was applied every night before bed and the paw ointment applied before going outside. After one week of daily use, the first aid ointment had healed the sore spots allowing Hunter to simply continue only using the paw ointment daily.

We recommend a daily application of paw ointment for highly active dogs but by simply monitoring the quality of the pads, you can determine the frequency. If any damage returns because of an increase in activity, the first aid ointment can be reintroduced back into the daily routine until healed. 

Results: Notice the severe wearing of the bottom of the front bad and the break in the center of the back pad. These are extremely painful areas when coming in contact with road salt. After one week, you can see an enormous improvement. Cracking has completely healed and the worn areas have been restored.


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