Meet Allan & Frank

If you do your research, you'll find that bulldogs are the sweetest, most entertaining little creatures. You'll also discover how common it is for bulldogs to have problems like chronic dry nose and skin, among many other things.

So it wasn't long after Frank moved into Allan's apartment that Allan set out to find a safe and natural solution for his new friend.

After many disappointing grooming product purchases, Allan and Frank decided to put their big heads together to develop a new line of all-natural healing balms and grooming products. Not just for Frank, but for all dogkind. Their concept was simple; create effective skin and fur solutions, while providing a brand experience that gets both dogs and humans excited! By making the products fun and attractive to humans, Allan and Frank knew that dogs all around the world would benefit from what Loyal Canine Co. had to offer.

Thank you for visiting Loyal Canine Co. Your dog will be glad you found us!