As the original dog apothecary, Loyal Canine Company manufactures dog care essentials for people who demand the best for their canine. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, all goods are handmade in small batches to ensure the finest quality for your best friend.

We work hard to create products that are effective and built to last a lifetime. These are the kind of products we would buy for ourselves... and most importantly, make us proud!

It is our belief that the relationship between human and dog should be celebrated. Our companions deserve to feel as comfortable in their own skin as we do in ours.

You give loyalty; you'll get it back. You give love; you'll get it back.


It all started with a man and his loyal canine...

After discovering how common it was for bulldogs (like his own bulldog, Frankie) to have chronic dry nose problems, Allan Glanfield set out to create a new line of all-natural healing balms and grooming products for dogs. His concept was simple; create effective skin and fur solutions, while providing a brand experience that gets owners excited! By making the products fun for people, Allan knew that dogs all around the world would benefit from what Loyal Canine Co. had to offer.

This curated collection includes a nose moisturizerpaw protector, and general first aid ointment, as well as soap on a rope, coat conditioner, and fur freshener, all carefully formulated using natural ingredients.

Taking inspiration from the worlds of fashion, grooming, and vintage racing, Loyal Canine Company brings a new perspective to the pet industry.