Why should I use dog grooming products?

Dogs have spent centuries dealing with cracked noses, sore paws, and skin issues. Just because your dog doesn't say anything, doesn't mean they don't deserve proper care and to feel comfortable in their own skin. We have grooming routines for ourselves, so why not care for our dogs in the same manner?


What ingredients do you use, and why?

We carefully chose all of our ingredients, and for good reason. You can visit Our Ingredients page to learn the benefits of each one. Remember, just because an ingredient is safe for you, it does not mean that it is safe for your dog. Essential oils such as cinnamon, clove, oregano, wintergreen, thyme, birch, and any other oils containing phenols should never be used on cats, and should be used with caution on dogs, as they can cause liver and kidney toxicity. You will not find these ingredients in our products.


Can I use your ointments on myself?

We designed them for your dog, but... they will work great on your skin, too!


How will I know if it is working?

It is amazing how fast you will begin to see results. Depending on the severity, most pups will experience a difference within a day or two. A dog’s nose is extremely sensitive, and a chapped one can be as painful, if not more than our chapped lips. After a few applications of our Black Lightning Nose Balm, you may notice a difference in your dog's personality as the soreness begins to fade.


Why does my dog’s nose run when I use balm?

If your dog gets a runny nose when you apply our Black Lightning Nose Balm, do not freak out. It usually means your dog is wondering what the heck you are doing! When a dog is nervous, they often produce a clear nasal discharge. This happened to our dog, Frankie, the first week we started treating his nose. But now that he is used to it, he is happy to have his nose protected. If your dog has a runny nose lasting for several hours, even if clear, those could be symptoms of something unrelated such as a viral infection.


Is it safe if my dog keeps trying to lick off the ointment?

If your dog tries to lick off any of our products, do not worry. They will still help even if your dog does like to lick. Apply our ointments as often as possible. The more time you give the ointment to penetrate the better. Some effective techniques to avoid licking are distract your dog with a toy or treat, temporarily put on dog socks, or apply the ointment before bedtime when your pup is tired.


When should I avoid using your ointments?

Use caution when purchasing our products if your dog has nut allergies, is prone to seizures, or is pregnant. If you notice that the ointment is irritating your dog, simply discontinue using it, and let us know of the issue right away. Some essential oils may have negative effects on dogs prone to seizures or who are pregnant. We always recommend doing research before purchasing, but if you have already made a purchase, we will accept the return of the product for a full refund.    


My product arrived melted or frozen stiff! What do I do?

Depending on the time of year or your geographical location, your product may arrive too soft or too hard due to the heat and cold. No need to worry. This does not affect the quality of the ointments. If your product arrives melted, simply place the tin in a cool place (like a refrigerator) for 10 minutes. If your product is too hard because of a cold climate, simply place the tin in your pocket until your body heat softens it up.    


Will your ointments stain?

Like any oil or wax based product, (lip balms, creams, etc.), our products may be difficult to remove from fabrics and absorbent materials when allowed to sit for too long.  Some of our ointments contain sea buckthorn oil, which has an orange colour to it. In its purest form, this oil may stain, but in a diluted state, the chance of staining is minimal. If you happen to see any change in colour on light-coloured fur, it will wash or wear off.    


What if I do not like your products?

That is impossible! We are confident that you will be thrilled with our apothecary collection. But if for some reason you are not satisfied, let us know within 30-days of purchase, and we will gladly accept the return for a full refund. We believe everyone should have the chance to try our products stress-free. For return information on all our products, please refer to the Shipping and Returns page.