Bulldog 101

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From the all-natural, Loyal Canine Co. brand, the "Bulldog 101" is a daily defense kit for your bulldog and any other breed prone to have a dry nose and skin. 

This three-piece daily essentials kit contains nose balm, first aid ointment, and conditioning spray. The Bulldog 101 kit will defend against the harsh weather and restore essential nutrients and moisture back to your pup's chapped, irritated nose and skin.  

This kit includes the following:

Black Lightning Nose Balm

An all-natural ointment that will heal, protect, and bring back a bright shine to your dog’s nose. We developed an amazing blend of moisturizing ingredients combined with the healing powers of sea buckthorn oil. Our balm will help soothe any existing cracking, dryness, and soreness, as well as protect from future damage.

First Aid Healing Ointment

An all-natural healing ointment formulated from a special list of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will speed up recovery, and minimize scaring. Great for minor cuts, sores, burns, skin irritations, and rashes. Also may be used for chronic psoriasis and eczema.

Rise & Shine Coat Conditioner

Bring life back to your dog’s coat, as well as soothe, nourish, and prevent dry, itchy skin. Our all-natural formula is non-greasy, and leaves no irritating residue. All-Natural, vegan, and cruelty free.




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